Amazing. And panic-inducing.

We count April 2019 as the public launch of our flagship product — a software development kit that could be configured in just a few hours by a developer to automate any USSD service globally. Just under two months later, our developer dashboard, the interface for transaction details and action configurations, broke under the weight of transaction data.

Our developers couldn’t troubleshoot, couldn’t find critical transaction session details, and some couldn’t load their dashboard at all. 😱

To begin the process, we wrote a gem for Preact, identified and tested some solutions for the highest priority usability issues, engaged SixtyTwo (a UX design agency) to help us move faster, and started implementing.

Our first dashboard upgrade released today aims to achieve three key objectives:

  1. reliably scale and optimize performance for high transaction volumes,
  2. increase discoverability of critical transaction details, and
  3. help developers test the SDK as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

All developers now have access to two major new features — a prebuilt tester app configured to automatically download your actions, and SIM toolkit support with the Hover SDK. This means you can test your configurations without writing a single line of code, and support mobile money transactions that rely on STK (e.g. Safaricom, Kenya).

When you log into your Hover dashboard, you will now view transactions by app, with the app’s package name and API token easily accessible.

App package name and API token on left side navigation

You can also filter by action and status to help discover issues in action configurations, parsers, network timeouts, or user behavior.

Filter by transaction status

Manage users, reset your password, and edit your organization’s details in your account preferences.

Profile and preferences

See transaction details including all session messages, final confirmation SMS details (if you have a parser set up), and device information.

Transaction details page displays all session messages captured

Add, edit, archive, and delete parsers from an action’s detail page.

Manage parsers from an app’s detail page

Shortly following this release we will continue to release improvements to the usability and accessibility of the dashboard, along with a few new features including full search of all transactions, logs of activity within your account, and access to your archive.