Introducing the easiest regex generator for parsing USSD and SMS confirmation messages.

Hover is constantly building tools that help developers build for the inclusive internet, especially tools that weren’t once possible. The Hover SDK helps developers automate USSD sessions in the background of Android applications. To maximise what you can do with this you need to parse responses (the content or text that’s shown at the end of a USSD session; either USSD or SMS).

“You’ve successfully transferred NGN1000  to Wangu, who is based in Kenya. Your balance is NGN10,000. Thanks for choosing our service.”

This is an example of the type of information we might receive in a confirmation message after transferring money to a friend. As a developer, we might need to get data like Amount sent, Receiver’s name, Receiver’s location and sender balance. These types of information are dynamic and change based on the type of action and transaction details. How might we retrieve this information in linear time O(n)?


The answer is Regex, more formally known as Regular Expressions. According to Wikipedia, Regex is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. Usually such patterns are used by string searching algorithms for "find" or "find and replace" operations on strings, or for input validation.

The challenges of coding regex

While regex is super efficient, it can be difficult to code especially when dealing with very long texts. A mistake in a single character can cause inconsistent/bad results. It is also difficult to maintain and extend. A two line regex literally looks like wingdings. While there are tools built online to generate regex, it's still a pain because it's hard to understand how to use many of these tools, while others generate incorrect snippets.

We need something that works, easy to use and truly saves time.

Hover parser generator is the super hero.

While the parser generator makes generating regex parsers easy for developers using the platform to create and run actions, it’s also useful for any other use case developers need. You literally do not need to dread regex any longer. Just paste your text, highlight data you want to extract, and copy the result. Kindly watch the video below to have visual experience of how it works.

Build smarter. Ship faster.

To start using this tool, signup or login into your Hover dashboard, create or select a USSD action and click on parsers. We’d appreciate your feedback and claps too.